“Cougar” vs. Media Miss-ogyny

This week’s Smackdown goes to our media for questioning the “problem” of a “May-December” relationship between an older woman and younger man, but not for older men with much younger women – which, apparently, is quite acceptable.


Enforce double standards, much?



What do you think about this accepted double standard in our society?


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2 thoughts on ““Cougar” vs. Media Miss-ogyny

  1. I wouldn’t say that older men with younger women goes unquestioned. Did you see the fifty something year old guy on “Lost” who married a 16 year old girl? GROSS! In her defense, she’s a moron. Youtube some of her TV interviews. Even Hugh Hefner caught a lot of flak when we started hooking up with young girls but he’s been doing for so long now that no one cares.

    • Hef’s not alone in this; it’s the norm in Hollywood, it seems. But I think it does go unquestioned for the most part in society at large. Every now and again our media may mention the age diff between a grandpa and trophy wife, but you can guarantee it will be headlines if it’s a “cougar” with a younger guy. And you’re right about a grandpa w/ a teenager…
      G-R-O-S-S! : /

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