World Race Into Outer Space

India. China. Iran.

Geography aside, what do these countries have in common?

A race into space.


According to FastCompany, “Several foreign space agencies are embarking on new projects involving manned spaceflight and out-there exploration.”

India‘s second lunar probe will take place in 2014. In November, China will launch a satellite to Mars. And Iran, having previously sent turtles and worms into the galaxy, is now preparing to send a monkey in a Safir rocket out into the cosmos.

As for the U.S., first official moonwalker, Neil Armstrong, is not as optimistic about NASA’s position in the space race.

What do you think about the race into space?


World News Wednesday

3 thoughts on “World Race Into Outer Space

  1. Iran’s “space program” is widely considered to be a ruse for the development of ballistic missiles like the US and Soviet programs were in the 60’s and 70’s. India and China as nations have no real scientific interest in going to space. Are they going to spend a trillion dollars to build space stations and do experiments that American and Russian scientists have been doing for decades? It’s all about national pride. And they both hate each other so each is trying to one up the other. And NASA is taking a break for a while (because money’s drying up and that won’t change for several years no matter how much Neil Armstrong complains) and letting private enterprise develop the next generation of low Earth orbit space craft. I don’t know if you can tell but space is kind of my thing. ;p

    • I always learn something from your comments. You know, I tried to visit a “space station” on one trip to Iran, but couldn’t get clearance because I used my American passport. And I felt guilty because foreign friends traveling with me were also denied access because they were with me. But the buildings were on an enormous expanse of dirt land (I don’t recall where – we were traveling from Tehran down to the Caspian, and stopping in every town and village along the way), and we were told by an Iranian friend traveling with us that these buildings were the “space rocket facilities.” As for India, when I was there, I never even heard about their space programs. But I was researching something entirely different. And I was only ever in China once as a kid…don’t remember anything except some choice Mandarin curse words that created really entertaining responses from both Chinese and foreign parents ; – >

      • I always wanted to go to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan but it’s so far away from where I’ll be in China. Russia is building a new launch site that’s a little closer so maybe I’ll get to check that out while I’m overseas. You’re very brave to go to Iran!

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