Missing Cat Found 5 Years Later

willow-the-cat Willow the calico.

That’s her name.

She disappeared during construction on her family, the Squires’, Colorado home 5 years ago. “A door was left open, and she got out,” they explained.

But Willow was not found in the Rocky Mountains. She was discovered in New York City.

How did the little calico travel from the Rockies to Manhattan? That is a mystery yet to be solved. But there is one thing we know for sure.

Microchips work.

How do you think Willow found her way to the Big Apple?


World News Wednesday

2 thoughts on “Missing Cat Found 5 Years Later

  1. This is such a nice story to see considering all the negativity that we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. To some, Willow may be ‘just a cat’, but there are plenty of folks out there who consider their pets to be family members. As the former assistant director of a non-profit dog rescue, I can’t begin to describe how wonderful the people that truly consider their pets to be family members are or how useful microchipping your pets can be.

    As to how Willow managed to travel so far… That’s one of those questions where one wishes animals could talk so we could all hear of her adventures. It’s quite possible that she was rescued by a private non-profit animal rescue in Colorado that didn’t have a universal microchip scanner & they adopted her out to a family that lived in/moved to New York. Also, many truck drivers have hearts of gold & will rescue stray animals they find rather than imagining the alternative fate they observe all too often on the roadsides in their line of work. Therefore, it’s quite possible that Willow was rescued by a long-haul trucker & that’s how she got so far from home. Whatever the case may be, it puts a smile on my face to see a story with a happy ending–even if it was 5 years in the making. 🙂

    • Wow, I didn’t know that about truck drivers. Yea, truckies! Next time I pass one, I’m going to stop & shove a huge bag of dry dog or cat food into his semi ; – >
      Yeah, this story made my day. I love happy-ending animal stories. And I am so with you on pets being one of the family. I really can’t imagine that they would be considered anything less. My dogs, reptiles, insects, etc., are my “babies.” I volunteer at a wildlife rescue & rehab center, (we get shipments of illegal snakes, tarantulas & such from South America that would just die in the lost luggage room of airports) so I’m always bringing something home. This week, it was a bat with a torn wing. He’ll never be able to fly again – which means he can’t forage for food to survive, so of course I’ll keep him so he won’t be euthanized. I’ve named him “Shakespeare” because he’s quite eloquent ; – > If you’ve ever heard a bat vocalize, you’ll understand what I mean. And I just took a healed red fox back out into the woods for re-release…already my heart is breaking from missing her ; – < Okay, enough! I could go on for eons about animals…
      What you said about wishing animals could talk…one of my fantasies is to be a specialized psychic who can hear the thoughts of animals & babies. Can you imagine how fascinating and enlightening that would be?

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