Teddies for Toddlers



This week’s Smackdown goes to French lingerie company Jours Après Lunes.

While most of us think of ‘toddler teddies’ as furry little bears, French lingerie company Jours Après Lunes has an entirely different take on teddies for toddlers.



Fashionista News reports that, “What’s disturbing about Jours Après Lunes is not just the fact that it’s lingerie for people who probably shouldn’t be old enough to even know what lingerie is, but the photographs on their website. The little “filles” are styled like grown women with Amy Winehouse hair, sunglasses and pearls and there are a few instances of Thylane Blondeau-esque seductive gazing and reclining poses.

Even CNN weighs in on this disturbing trend to turn children into visual sex objects.


What do you think about this trend to sexualize little girls?

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4 thoughts on “Teddies for Toddlers

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  2. The thing that really (fascinates? disturbs? I’m not sure what the right verb is here) me about these sexualized products for girls (like the crotchless panties at Kids N Teens and these teddies) is that some people make the argument that–by virtue of being too young to be sexual–the products themselves are no longer sexual when on these young bodies.

    I saw this argument most prominently in an article about Toddlers and Tiaras where a mom was defending her decision to dress her competing three-year-old up like Julia Roberts’ character from Pretty Woman–and not in the cocktail dress, but the street clothes she meets Richard Gere in. The mom made the argument that it was somehow MORE appropriate for a three-year-old than a ten-year-old.

    I agree that toddlers SHOULD be too young to be sexualized, but that doesn’t give them some sort of force field that negates the clearly sexual purpose of these products. And you’re very right to point out that putting these products on young children turns them into sexual OBJECTS. They are especially objectified in the sense that they are too young to discover a sexuality of their own, and–by necessity–the sexuality they are displaying has been placed upon them by an external force.


    • Okay, my head just spun around on my neck like The Exorcist girl at that reference to crotchless panties for kids & teens. KIDS??? WHO??? WHO would create such a thing? Who would sell it? Are pimps in clothing retail now? What the hell is wrong with people??? I’m sorry but I just can’t absorb that. My mind will not accept it. It just won’t. ‘Kids’ and ‘crotchless panties’ should NEVER be in the same place at the same time, much less being sold in a legal, public retail forum. There could not be anything sicker. Who are these people and why aren’t they in JAIL???

      As to your other points, I must say they are dead-on accurate. Just because you put a sexual item on a child does not render the item or the impression any less sexual, and it won’t take even a breeze to blow that B.S. over. Toddlers & Tiaras both terrifies and maddens me for the future of those poor babies. I believe they are being groomed for a people-pleasing, smile-no-matter-what, my-value-lies-in-my-cuteness life. A mother who finds a hooker outfit MORE appropriate for a BABY than an older child? Absolutely gobsmacking. My heart goes out to that child.

      You said something that I think should be tattooed on the forehead of anyone who thinks otherwise, so that they can see it each time they look into the mirror and thereby allow the message to be absorbed over time: “Toddlers SHOULD be too young to be sexualized, but that doesn’t give them some sort of force field that negates the clearly sexual purpose of these products.”

      Thank you for this thoughtful, informative and, I believe, very accurate comment.

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