Germany’s Autobahn at 220 MPH


A brave (or future walking dead), German man challenges his country’s autobahn by breaking 200 miles per hour – though the autobahn record still stands at 268.8 mph.



As a matter of course, there really is no speed limit on the infamous German autobahns – a nationally coordinated motorway system which stretches around the country and as far as southern Bavaria.

Aside from a “recommended” limit of 130 kilometers per hour (81 mph), drivers are literally free to time travel if they are equipped to do so.

If you’d like to travel with them, empty your bladder, hold onto something solid, and check out these warp speed videos.


Autobahn – No Speed Limit   *   Bugatti Veyron Top Speed on Autobahn  *  Porsche 911 GT3…Race on Autobahn


World News Wednesday

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