Apple’s Dirty iPhone Secrets

phone-story-appAn Italian guerrilla semiotics and culture jamming website, Molleindustria, which produces flash video games based on provocative socio-political points of view, recently created an iPhone game app called “Phone Story.”

As reported by The Guardian, the app “took the form of four mini-games about the “troubling supply chain” behind smartphones– all smartphones, not specifically iPhones – including coltan extraction in Congo, outsourced labour in China, environmental waste in Pakistan, as well as the mania for gadgets in the West.

“One of the mini-games sees workers leaping from their factory building: a clear reference to suicides and attempted suicides by workers at Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn.”

Italian developer Molleindustria, who says his goal is “to reappropriate video games as a popular form of mass communication” and “investigate the persuasive potentials of the medium by subverting mainstream video gaming cliche,” was probably not surprised when Apple pulled the game from the app store.

The game had lasted all of 3 hours on iTunes.


But managed to film each section of the game before it was pulled.

If proven to be factual, “Phone Story” is a sad, sobering peek into Apple’s conscience-free, bloody drive for profit.

Maybe this is why Steve Jobs left?

Molleindustria states that all net revenues from sales of “Phone Story” will go to charities tackling corporate abuses.


World News Wednesday

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