Video: Bystanders Lift Burning Car to Save Unconscious Man Beneath


I saw something this week that confirmed my belief in the selfless nature of humanity.

Nearly a dozen people running toward a burning car.



They place their bodies against the burning car to lift it off the victim. They do it quickly, instinctively, with no thought to their own safety as they endeavor to save the man beneath the car.

Look at the cop.

When he sees them all absorbed in rescue efforts, he immediately turns to make sure oncoming traffic does not hit any one of them – something the rescuers did not even seem to consider in their heroic efforts to save the victim. Once the officer sees that traffic has stopped coming, he joins in the lifting of the car.

Listen to the comments of the people recording this.

They are encouraging the bystander’s rescue efforts, sending vibes of hope and support: “Everybody, 1-2-3, Go!”, “C’mon, you can do it!“, “Hurry!” “Somebody grab him!” You can hear the caring and concern in the woman’s voice.

So moving!

And there, with all the men lifting the car, is a woman.

At the onset, she flattens her body onto the ground to look under the car, discovers the victim, jumps up, tells the men around the car about the man under the car. This woman is one of the first among the men to squat down in an effort to lift the car off the victim.


Heroism at it’s finest.

God bless them all.

love-never-failsAnd God bless humanity!


What are your feelings about this testament to the wonderful nature of humanity?


Sylver Lining Sunday


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