Friday Blaque List 6

What I’m…

Thinking about

Why getting older is such a bad thing in this country.



1. Sympathy…confusion…angry at the injustice to women. Because it seems to be okay for men in this country to age. No stigma. Still considered attractive enough to dump their aging wives to power-up with younger arm-candy.


2. Angry at aging women! Why are aging women slicing & dicing themselves to conform to this warped norm, instead of FIGHTING the freakin’ double standard???!!!

For Chrissake, where is our Gloria Steinem of aging equality??

3. Angry at young women who ‘date’ husbands of older women!

You are going to be an aging woman one day, o worshipped one. It’s never not going to happen. It WILL happen, Lolita. Why not lay the groundwork for your own future aged-woman happiness instead of destroying the lives of mothers, aunts, grandmothers? All of which YOU will be one day when YOU are replaced by a young hot thing just like YOU!



“Ageless” – a documentary about aging women in America



If women of all ages stand together, support each other instead of competing for the attention of men, we will become a powerful force against the ravages of plastic surgery, pornography, and trophy wife-ism.

Because, ladies, Life has already proven that

no matter how young we are right now,

one day we won’t be.

And, as we age,

if men are our lifeline for approval, acceptance, unconditional love….

we are screwed!


What’s your Blaque List?


Fair Disclosure: my aunt is going through a horrible affair-with-younger-woman-divorce from my uncle, and I am so hurting for her.


Blaque List


12 thoughts on “Friday Blaque List 6

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  5. Exactly how I think! Couldn’t have said it better myself! I get angry as well when I see older men going for younger women and not giving a single grain of shit about their life long partners and mother’s of their children! And I also get angry at women who literally LIVE and BREATHE for a man’s approval. Indeed WTF?!

    • Preach it! I hear this sentiment from so many women that I am convinced if we all, young & old, stood together on not standing for this much- too-acceptable double standard, we could change it. I believe it’s in play because of our silence and tolerance of this issue. Thank you for speaking out!

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