Uninsured? Not Our Problem. Call Your Local Church.


According to an ABC News report: “If it was up to Ron Paul, or many of the Tea Party audience members at Monday night’s GOP presidential debate, churches, not the federal government, would help foot the bill for the medical costs of America’s 50 million residents living without health insurance.

Of course, according to law, uninsured people cannot be turned away for emergency treatment in hospitals. But, as reported by ABC News, “a quality of care study conducted by HHS found that there is a greater disparity in care quality between uninsured patients and those with insurance than any other demographic indicator.

Of the many disparities we track, insurance-related disparities are typically the largest — bigger than race, ethnicity, and income,” Ernest Moy, who oversees the agency’s National Healthcare Quality Report and National Healthcare Disparities Report, said in a statement.

One parish in Memphis Tennessee – The Church Health Center – has stepped up to provide free health care to the uninsured. And they have been doing so for the past 20 years.

The basic idea is you’re doing a job nobody else will do,” said the center’s executive director Scott Morris. “If you get sick we think you ought to go to the front of the line.”

church-health-care-centerAccording to ABC News, the center has a budget of about $14 million per year that is collected from charitable donations, but the yearly value of what it does is about $100 million because of all the donated services.

We make a pretty significant dent in addressing the issues of the uninsured in Memphis, Tennessee,” Morris said. “Do we fully solve the problems of the uninsured? No. The church and the faith community cannot solve this monumental problem we have.


World News Wednesday


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