Amish in Jail for Buggy Infraction



Tail light busted?

Pay a fine.

Buggy lights not bright enough?

Jail time.


Nine Amish men who refused to pay $158 in fines for failing to attach neon orange reflective lights on their horse buggies, were sentenced to 3 to 10 days in jail by a Mayfield, Kentucky district judge.

According to a USA Today report, the men, “who belong to an especially strict Amish sect known as the Old Order Swartzentruber, sought permission to use lanterns and gray reflective tape rather than orange, but the state and courts have said that wouldn’t be as effective in daytime.”

The Amish men also stated that paying the fines “would amount to complying with a Kentucky law they believe violates their religious strictures against wearing bright colors or trusting in man-made symbols for their safety.”

As reported in the Courier-Journal, the Mayfield jail special-ordered dark-colored jumpsuits out of respect for the mens’ likely aversion to wearing the usual orange jumpsuits.


What do you think about this situation?


World News Wednesday


4 thoughts on “Amish in Jail for Buggy Infraction

  1. Unfortunately they must share roads with motor vehicles. A considerable number of Amish buggies have been hit by motor vehicles, with injuries and loss of life. The black buggies are difficult to see in daylight and impossible to see at night. Slow moving vehicle reflective triangles, lights front and rear, and reflectors do much good. Most Amish clans have accepted these things, along with solid or cushion rubber tires for use on paved roads.

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