Drifting Away

I am in heaven.

Well, beneath heaven, actually.

I am lounging in the plushest of beds, underneath the silkiest of linens, looking up and all around me at schools of beautiful fish – and a myriad of sea creatures – maneuvering through the bluest of seas.


If only….


This dream room comes with “champagne, breakfast, and aquatic entertainment.”


And, believe it or not, it was originally a restaurant.


This video & music took me away on a 6 min. dream vacation. I could see, feel myself in every room, on the beach, in the hot tub, sippin’ the bubbly…oh, yeah.


What’s your dream room/vacation like?

Would you stay in any of these?

World’s Tiniest Hotel Rooms

Weirdest Hotel Rooms


Share your Sylver Lining!


Sylver Lining Sunday


11 thoughts on “Drifting Away

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