Bulletproof Spiders


If you come across a spider’s web, don’t bother shooting at it.

Dutch bio-artist Jalila Essaidi, and the Forensic Genomics Consortium in the Netherlands have come up with a virtually bulletproof skin made of spider silk and human skin cells.

The Forensic Genomics Consortium focuses on a specialized area of DNA analysis of biological crime scene samples. Artist Jalila Essaidi produces art works with a focus on “a recognition of the transience of things.” Together, they have created a bulletproof fiber called “2.6g 329m/s.

The impetus for this project was a desire to create a new performance standard for the bulletproof vest. A portion of their research focused on finding out whether human skin would be able to produce a similar version of the stronger-than-steel thread produced by spiders.

To discover the answer, Essaidi and the Consortium implanted transgenic spider silk into human skin and “let a bullet do its work.”

The result?

Though the skin was able to stop a .22 caliber bullet fired at reduced speed, it was not able to stop the same type of bullet fired at normal speed.


Maybe the answer is the creation of reduced speed guns.


World News Wednesday 


4 thoughts on “Bulletproof Spiders

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  3. You have to remember that there will be blunt trauma but the silk could be combined with other materials to make a great lightweight vest. Now vests are becoming lighter and you can get NIJ IIIA protection at quite a low weight, under 1.8 kg. They really do save lives that is for certain Spider silk or man mad silks could be worked in much the same way as kevlar or dyneema.

    Peter N

    • That is the important thing – that they save lives. I watched your video, and took to heart your point that while a bullet may not be repelled completely, the victim would walk away alive. Thank you for this comment.

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