My Sweet Pea

my-sweet-peaHe’s absolute perfection.

Every time I look at him I wonder how anything could be so flawless.

Everything about him is wondrous. Especially his eyes – round puddles of molten chocolate that glisten as he expectantly watches my every move.


His hair is long, mink-soft and chameleon colored – shades of onyx, brown, auburn and blonde. A platinum mane glows around his ears, extending all the way down the front of his chest.

His tail is onyx and brown on the up-side but, when lifted, cascades into a flaxen weeping willow tipped in black. I watch for him to lift his tail the way other people watch for a peacock to spread its feathers.

My favorite part of this perfect li’l piece of life is his tiny square nose. It’s inky, ever-shiny, constantly in motion.

He sniffs everything.

I don’t think that sweet li’l nose ever sleeps.

When we’re riding in the car, he sticks his head out the window and I swear, if that busy nose had feet it would take off like the Road Runner – Piiiiiew! Beep! Beep!


What’s your ‘Sweet Pea’ like?


Sylver Lining Sunday 


Photo of my Sweet Pea by: Sylver Blaque

9 thoughts on “My Sweet Pea

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