The Help: Hollywood Whitewash?

Sugar-coating oppression isn’t solely the domain of Fox News reporting.

Hollywood was built on it. And it’s got a new hit movie to “Help” whitewash common view  as discussed by film critic, director and editor Matt Zoller Seitz in Salon.


Other critics of ‘The Help’ include Huffington Post’s Diversity Solutions Leader, Deborah Plummer, who discusses the un-Help-ful elephant in the room in her article “The Conversation We Are Not Having About ‘The Help,‘ and Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams, who takes the Home Shopping Network to task in her article “HSN’s Tacky Branding of ‘The Help.’

As well, Laina Dawes, contributing editor at Blogher, explores in depth the context of “The Help,” and why this “feel good” artistic work may not feel so good to everyone.


What’s your take on “The Help,” and the differing views about it?


World News Wednesday


8 thoughts on “The Help: Hollywood Whitewash?

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