Spain Defends Bullfighting

Culture correspondent and author Mary Elizabeth Williams explores Spain’s “artistic discipline” of bullfighting, and the suffering it imposes upon bulls.

bullfighter-in-ring-with-cape-and bull

Supporters of the sport cite its cultural value, while detractors say that bullfighting is blatant animal torture.


What do you think about bullfighting?


World News Wednesday

3 thoughts on “Spain Defends Bullfighting

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  2. The excitement was lost for me after witnessing the suffering of those poor bulls…
    Lol to way cool cowboys, though. I’ve actually ridden in a rodeo but not sure how typical it was, as they loved their animals and treated them like gods; it was the reason I agreed to ride. Yeah, die-hard animal-lover, here : – >

  3. Personally, I love seeing the Running of the Bulls. It looks so exciting and dangerous! But I really can’t stand when they kill the bulls. It just seems so unnecessary. They could easily do the bull fighting without stabbing it with spears. Just look at American rodeos. Those are real men. So what if they’re dressed like clowns. They face those bulls head on with no weapons. It’s way cooler.

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