No YouTube?

 you-tube-censored-china-logoYouTube banned!

Can you imagine?

If you lived in China, you wouldn’t have to.

According to an NPR interview with University of Michigan computer science professor, Alex Halderman, China is YouTube-free.

Internet censorship is a fact of life there. But Halderman has come up with a way to help Chinese citizens find their way to the Tube.

It’s called Telex, and he helped develop this system which can subvert Chinese government blocks.

Says Halderman, “So if you’re in China, and you want access to a banned site like YouTube, you just type into your browser, and the Telex station will see that connection, and disguise it as something innocuous. You might be watching YouTube, but to a censor, it will just seem as if you’re visiting a harmless, non-blocked site.

I’m getting James Bond vibes.

What about you?


What do you think about China’s YouTube ban?


World News Wednesday


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