Waist-ed Space

I found an interesting NPR News report that makes living in a closet seem luxurious.

Picture it.

Your home…

At its widest point it’s four feet across. At its narrowest, it’s just 28 inches, that’s the width of a front door. The bedroom is…17 books wide: a trip from bed to toilet will require crawling down the mattress, over a chair, down a ladder and then sideways through the dining and kitchen area. Opening a refrigerator will require stepping into a different room…

Think you’re living in New York City?

Think again.

Your micro-residence is in Warsaw, Poland in a tiny alley slit between two buildings.

narrowest-house-warsaw-poland-in-alley-space-between-two-buildingsConstruction will be completed in December – just in time for you to throw a BIG Christmas crawlspace-warming party!



Could you live like this?


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3 thoughts on “Waist-ed Space

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