Uprooting Fear, Hatred

I came across an inspiring article that left me feeling hopeful for the next generation of Palestine/Israel relations.


Following, is an excerpt from a Worldpress.org news article Seeds of Peace

by Joshua Pringle.

To someone living in the United States—where war is not something experienced on your home turf on a regular basis—it is hard to imagine what the gravity of this first encounter [an Arab child with an Israeli child] might be like. Amer Kamal is a Palestinian Seed who grew up in East Jerusalem. He told Worldpress.org about the nerves he felt going to camp in 1997, recalling the shock he felt when he learned that he wouldn’t have his own room and would have to bunk with the other kids. “On both sides of me there were Israelis,” Kamal said. “I didn’t feel safe. I was worried about my stuff, even. I kept my stuff in the bag; I didn’t unpack.”

Sobering words from a child…


How do you feel about this article?

One thought on “Uprooting Fear, Hatred

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