Amanda Knox: Convicted of Cultural Difference?

What if American exchange student Amanda Knox wasn’t really convicted of murder?

What if she was sentenced to 26 years in an Italian jail for the crime of being different?


That’s what author Nina Burleigh investigates in her book “The Fatal Gift of Beauty.”

Says Burleigh, in a Fox News interview, “It was a misunderstanding between Italian police and this young woman who…was kind of a hippie. They didn’t really know what to make of her. She was so different from how young Italian women are supposed to behave…”


What are your thoughts about this?


See the follow-up post to this article:

Will Amanda Knox’s Prosecutor’s Criminal Conviction Help Her Appeal?


World News Wednesday

6 thoughts on “Amanda Knox: Convicted of Cultural Difference?

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  3. About 65,000 Americans live in Italy, and about 250,000 Americans visit Italy yearly, and of all these many are young girls.
    And both Italian and American young girls are children of the current times. Believe me!
    Yes, Italian girls dress more properly, rarely get drunk, rarely do drugs, and are more respectful of their parents. But the sexual behavior is the same.

    • Thank you for your comment. You make salient points, here. I especially like your point that Italian girls & American girls are children of current times. I will be posting a follow-up to this article next week in World News Wednesday. Would love to hear your comments on it. Have a sweet week!

  4. It’s about Italian saving of face & the power of an evil prosecutor who had to fit her into his scenario of sex, occult, drugs; his Catholic misogynist fantasy. He supervised the mishandling
    of evidence and his handmaidens rushed to support him, because that’s how it works, even if it meant falsifying evidence. He fed stories to the press, orchestrated, calculated, he had an agenda. Yes, I think he is obsessed w/ Amanda & he has been convicted of abuse of power, on appeal, he is still allowed to practice. He is an abuser, a sadist, and a psychopath. His career in the balance from his similar occult, outrageous scenarios fed to him by a “psychic” who communicates, allegedly w/ the other side. It makes good press for the tabloids. It draws attention away from the mess the PM has made of Italy and his own sex scandals. It makes book deals, movie deals. Follow the money. The tabloids made millions, who owns those tabloids? Who writes for them? Who was/is set to make over a million in civil suits on the head(s) of who is found guilty? Does a drifter from the Ivory Coast whose DNA is everywhere, abandoned by his mother, his father, and finally his adopted Italian family have money? Does Raffaele’s family have money? Does Amanda’s family? The Brits & the Italians sure thought so. It’s as much about anti-Americanism as it is all of the above. So yes, the cultural differences and a misreading of her behavior after an all night illegal interrogation by those police of Perugia who can break even hard core Mafioso. She was 20, naive, innocent enough, in her American female living in the 21st century. They are punishing her for murder because of this and because it fills the bill across the board. But the case has fallen apart. Amanda’s and Raffaele’s DNA is nowhere at the crime scene. Why not investigate the other roommates one of whom had the same alibi, w/ her boyfriend. That roommate violated the crime scene, removed things from her room during the crime scene investigation, lied on the stand. Why? You tell me. In the end, sex sells and the culture is sexist, misogynist as is the prosecutor who is thrilled to punish her w/ a life sentence, when the convicted murder Guede, whose DNA is everywhere, who admitted during an intercepted Skype call to his friend that he did the crime. He later retracted and fingered Amanda & Raffaele & had his sentence cut in half of what Amanda & Raffele whose DNA is NOWHERE are serving. It is a witch trial. The investigation needs to focus on Mignini & his handmaidens. He is a bully. The defense needs to play hardball, that’s how you deal w/ bully, not tiptoe around his ego. Psychology and law 101. They are wrong to adhere to the “Italian way” in this case. It’s madness. Imagine being innocent, charged w/ murdering your friend, roommate and sitting in maximum security while your family has to fork over millions they don’t even have. She shows no remorse the guilters say. Why should she when she is innocent. Her behavior was conveniently taken out of context, fed to the press and a case was built in the tabloids that convicted her. The science of forensics tells a different story. There is no DNA of Amanda & Raffaele, they must overturn this conviction and Amanda & Raffaele’s families should sue to high heaven for damages, psychological, financial, physical, etc. It’s shameful how Italy has allowed this prosecutor to run his circus of clowns. It does not help Italy, the economy is a mess and the Perguian economy has suffered immensely from this. Why would parents want to spend their money to send the International students who feed the economy in Perugia w/ this sort of danger to their children? A hellhole! Amanda & Raffaele should be on house arrest as is legit until this dog & pony show is done w/ it’s theatrics. Hubris, delusion, lies, tampering w/ evidence, slander…all grounds for huge damages. Italy needs to stop this man and make this right. NOW!!!

    • Thank you for your comment. You point out an important fact which has been neglected in mainstream media – that is the history of prosecutor Giuliano Mignini. I will be posting a follow-up to this post in next week’s World News Wednesday. I don’t believe we can judge an entire culture on the flaws of individuals within a culture, so I will be looking into this particular individual and his role in Amanda Knox’s prosecution.

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