Casey Anthony on Ebay for $999,900? Really?

There are times when I wonder what the hell is wrong with our culture.

This is one of those times.


Events leading up to a million-dollar Casey Anthony mask auction:

1. Casey Anthony’s child goes missing. She tells no one.

2. While her child, Caylee, is missing, Casey:

a) parties like it’s 1999

b) invents a make-believe babysitter to explain Caylee’s disappearance

c) leads the investigating officers, who are trying to find her missing child, on a wild goose-chase

d) lies about everything…absolutely everything

3. Casey’s father, George, finds maggots and smells dead-body stench in the trunk of his daughter’s car. Casey’s mother, Cindy, makes a frantic call to 911.

4. Caylee Anthony’s body is found.

5. Casey Anthony cries and says she’s the real victim.

6. In addition to maggots and dead-body stench, homicide investigators detect chloroform in the trunk of Casey’s car.

7. George & Cindy cry and say their daughter Casey is a victim of bad media.

8. Casey Anthony gets paid $200,000 by ABC News for an interview.

(Can you say checkbook journalism boys and girls?)

9. $200,000 richer, Casey goes on a shopping spree with friends.

10. Casey Anthony goes on trial for murdering her daughter Caylee.

11. Casey’s parents testify that it wasn’t really maggot-crawling dead-body stench in the trunk of their innocent daughter’s car. It was hamburger.

(Makes sense. I always confuse maggot-crawling, dead-body stench with hamburger. Don’t we all?)

12. O.J. Simpson, um, I mean Casey Anthony is found Not Guilty of the murder of her daughter Caylee.

13. A Casey Anthony mask sells on eBay for $999,900.


What the hell is wrong with this picture??!!



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