Not So Fabulous Fred

bitch-slapThis week’s Smackdown goes to The Real Housewives of New Jersey party planner ‘Fabulous Fred’, for his unbelievably exceptionalist description of why one physical type of waiter can be had for less money than another.

(Fast-forward to 1:46)

“…a party could cost X, and it can cost double-X. It all depends, you know? No offense, but you want roly-poly servers walking around with their bellies sticking out, they’re one price. But if you want models, you want good-looking people, beautiful people who speak correctly, they’re another price.”

So, the lesson here, people, is:

1. servers who don’t have flat abs are: a) not good-looking people, and b) incapable of forming coherent sentences.

2. Models and beautiful people: a) have flat abs, and b) are much more capable of eloquent speech.


I never knew that.

Maybe instead of bitch-slapping Fred, we should thank him for enlightening us?


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