Syria’s Secret

Think Victoria’s not-so-Secrets are the best undies around?

Think again!

Syria has secrets that would make Victoria jealous!


Remote control panties.

Clapper g-strings.

Lingerie designers in Damascus don’t stop at mere fabric. They incorporate mechanical technology into their racy confections.

Challenging the common-held Western belief that all covered Arab women are repressed by radical Arab men stomping down upon their womanhood, souks in Damascus boast a robust trade in racy lingerie.

And, as reported by Time Magazine, the men have no problem with it.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this,” shrugs Mazem Hussnain, an Arab businessman interviewed on the streets of Damascus. “It’s a matter between two people. If they want to wear something racy or normal.”

I like the simple lingerie,” says another Arab man, Anas Katramez. “I don’t like the crazy ones too much.”

Lingerie souk shop owner Amer Sheisey says most of his customers are husbands, and mothers of brides-to-be. “Around the Muslim festival of Eid…this is the best time for me because it’s when most people get married.”


Conversely, Arab journalist Ola Malas believes the lingerie trade in Syria to be “an industry by men, for men.” On her radio show, entitled “Crazy,” Malas uses topics such as lingerie to juxtapose upon political issues such as inequality and honor crimes.

If a stranger or relative rapes a girl, and she tells her mother, her mother says, ‘Shut up. You’ll bring a big scandal on us,'” says Malas on a segment on her show.

But playwright Aizzah Fatima, the first Muslim to have her work featured in New York’s annual Midtown International Theatre Festival, says, “My play is entitled ‘Dirty Paki Lingerie’. In [the play] we learn that wearing the hijab doesn’t necessitate that one is conservative in all aspects of life.” One of the characters in Fatima’s play, Selma, is a hijabi feminist torn between her Muslim cultural belief system, and her desire to wear sexy lingerie.

Idk. Sounds pretty much like what we Western women go through in trying to become or extract ourselves from our male-dominated, societally-imposed Madonna/Whore syndrome…


What are your thoughts?


World News Wednesday


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