Google+ vs. Facebook



Well, Google has evolved yet again.

With more ways to categorize our avalanche of ‘friends.’





Bosom buddy?


Nodding aquaintance?



As reported by the BBC: “The different social networks overlap but prioritise different things. Facebook already allows users to put people into groups, it’s just a “pain” doing so,” says Jeff Jarvis, who writes the BuzzMachine blog. “Facebook is for maintaining relationships, Twitter for broadcasting, Tumblr for quotations and Google+ for sharing,” he believes.

Times columnist Caitlin Moran is an early adopter of Google+. She has never been a fan of Facebook (“too slow”), and though formerly enthusiastic about Twitter, says it has become too nasty. “Twitter is like a pub full of people shouting. Google+ is more like withdrawing to the smoking room with friends.”

Moran doesn’t like Google+’s ability to have numerous different circles instead of a clear distinction. After importing contacts from her existing social networks she set up two circles. “One is for people I can tolerate talking to. The other is for everyone else who can fall down a well.””

What’s your take on Google+?


Should Facebook be worried?


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