This Gives Child Bumpers a New Meaning

The BBC reported today on “scary,” 3 foot-high, child-shaped bollards constructed in front of an elementary school in Plymouth, England.


Plymouth City Council, who constructed the bollards at a cost of aprox. $560 each, says, “In recent discussions with the school, it has been agreed that action to stop inconsiderate parking on pavements is a priority.”

However, some parents of the students have a different takeon the human-like bumpers.

“They’re expensive, the school has to foot the bill, and there’s no proof that they [are] more effective than normal bollards,” one parent commented.

“I think they might frighten the children,” says another.


“In the middle of the night you’ll see these weird-looking things,” another parent adds.

One parent sums it up by comparing the bollards to a humanoid alien from a British sci-fi tv show. “They look hideous, like something out of Doctor Who.”


What do you think about these controversial bollards?


World News Wednesday

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